Personal Injury

Personal injury law protects those who are injured by the negligent acts of another individual or party. Because there are complexities, you are recommended to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Types of Personal Injury

  • Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability
  • Dog Bite
  • Product Liability (Auto defects, Dangerous drugs, Defective medical products)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass Transit Accidents

Insurance Companies Have Attorneys

Insurance companies have a database where they plug the information about your accident into and it assigns a monetary value to your claim. Working through all of the paperwork and details of a personal injury claim can be tough and confusing, but we are familiar with this process and are here to help you. Our staff is trained on what to look for and know how to get you the settlement you deserve.

We Can Help

With McKinnon Law Firm’s No WIN, NO FEE guarantee, you can hire an attorney who will keep your best interests and level the insurance company’s advantage.

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Legal Definitions

Adjuster: A trained employee of a insurance company who evaluates the property damage and personal injury to determine the value of repair and recovery for the injured person.

Arbitration: During a civil case, the court may order a mandatory hearing of the dispute by an impartial third person in order to determine the value of the case. An arbitration maybe binding or unbinding.

Personal Injury: An injury to body, mind, or emotion sustained or incurred in an accident or incident due to another person’s or company’s action.