Veteran’s Disability Law

Sadly, thousands of veteran’s disability claims are filed every year and the government often rejects or denied these claims, even when the veteran deserves and needs the benefits.

Veteran’s Health Benefits

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is required by law to provide eligible veterans hospital care and outpatient care services that are defined as “needed.” VA defines “needed” as care or service that will promote, preserve, and restore health. This includes treatment, procedures, supplies, or services. This decision of need will be based on the judgment of your health care provider and in accordance with generally accepted standards of clinical practice.

Veteran’s Disability Benefits

Disability compensation is a benefit paid to veterans monthly due to injuries or disease that happened while on active duty, or were made worse by active military service. It also paid certain veterans disabled from VA health care. These benefits are tax free.

For servicemen who served in a period of war, the VA law allows a pension benefit, regardless of whether the disability was service connected. This benefit is income and asset tested and only applies to those wartime veterans who do not have significant income and assets.

Widows and widowers of deceased service may also be entitled to payments based on condition of their spouse. The VA law provides for a monthly payment where the cause of death was a service connected condition or where the veteran was totally disabled because of a service connected condition for a long period of time before the death.

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