5 Steps to Protecting Your Rights After an Accident

There are a few things you should be aware of following an accident:

  1. Don’t sign any documentation including medical releases for the other drivers Insurance company following an accident. The law does not require you to execute such a release anyway. The exception would be a medical release for your own carrier which you have a contractual obligation as part of your policy contract.
  2. Do not allow the other side’s insurance adjuster to interview you via a recorded statement.
  3. Assuming you were injured and require medical treatment, you want to keep your doctors happy and paid. Therefore, if you had full coverage, you should feel free to contact your own carrier to activate the med-pay coverage. By law, this cannot increase your premiums.
  4. The police report and any citations will need to be ordered and reviewed. Has the defendant driver admitted fault? Is there a factual dispute as to who did what?
  5. Contact the McKinnon Law Firm.  Have your lawyer deal with the Insurance company lawyers.  Our injury lawyers have the experience to help you after your accident.